4 Things Sydney’s West Is Famous For

When people think of Sydney, either as a visitor or a local, they often tend to believe that everything of interest is either in the Sydney CBD or along the harbour and famous northern and southern shorelines. While there is plenty to see and do in these areas, there is so much more to Greater Sydney than the CBD and the coast.

Sydney’s Western Suburbs are like a giant playground of opportunity, with so many different things to explore and experience. This article will be taking a look at just a few things Sydney’s West is renowned for.

#1 – Socialising and Nightlife

There are socialising opportunities everywhere out west, especially when it comes to socialising with friends at nighttime. The Parramatta district is one such area that’s quite famous for its bar and club scene, so if you plan to party on through the night, then you’ll want to venture into Parramatta for sure.

However, while Parramatta may be considered one of the main nightlife hubs, it’s not the only Western Sydney suburb that offers party goers something to do in the evenings. You’ll find a variety of bars and social clubs in most suburbs out west, so there are a lot of great venues to choose from and there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

#2 – There Are Beautiful Parklands To Explore Everywhere

If you’re looking for something relaxing to do during the daytime, then the west offers up a plethora of fantastic parks. Parklands of some description seem to be everywhere in the Western Suburbs, so no matter where you are, you’ll never be too far from a local park.

Some parks of note to consider include Western Sydney Parklands, which is a massive nature reserve complete with walking trails and serene locations to enjoy a picnic lunch. If you want to experience a park with a difference, you could spend an entire day exploring the Rookwood Cemetery in Lidcombe. Once again, this is another stunning and expansive park and hosts one of the country’s oldest cemeteries.

Aside from the two parks mentioned above, there are dozens of other great parks you can explore out west and the best way to discover them is to search online and make your choice. 

#3 – Adrenaline Rush Activities

Something that the Western Suburbs of Sydney is famous for is adrenaline activities. There are numerous options you can choose from to get some thrills, if that’s what you have a penchant for.

For starters, there are a number of go kart racing tracks located in various suburbs out west, so if you have a need for speed and some fun, yet competitive action, go karting might be your thing.

There is also the Treetops Adventure out west, where you can test your skills on an obstacle course in the canopy of the treetops. There are courses for all skill levels and kids are welcome.

Sydney’s West is also home to a number of the regions very best water parks, where you can enjoy thrill rides on steep and winding water slides, or simply chill out in one of the lagoon pools.

#4 – So Many Quality Restaurants

One of the most notable things about the Western Suburbs is the variety of food on offer. Whether you’re looking for Regents Park restaurants or want to dine out in Parramatta, you’ll discover there are food choices from all around the world.

Sydney has such a multicultural environment. This has led to so many immigrants opening up food outlets and restaurants, offering their home country’s cuisine. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of delicious choices. You could dine out every night of the week for a year and still be left with thousands of restaurants you have yet to try.

In fact, it doesn’t even matter what suburb you find yourself in out west. Restaurants and eateries are literally everywhere and most of the options are high quality and offer value for money.

If the goal is to tantalise your taste buds on a regular basis, then there’s no better place to achieve that than Sydney’s Western Suburbs. 

The Takeaway

This article has only highlighted four things Sydney’s West is famous for. To discover more, just get out there and explore.


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