Instagram is a foremost app enabling users to capture and share photographs and videos of their favorite products and people. The app presently has about two billion subscribers and 500 million users daily. As much as it is a fantastic photo-sharing app, it has also become a vital ad medium for businesses. Instagram likes have developed as a crucial factor for the platform’s ranking algorithm.

Instagram Likes Indicate User Engagement

Instagram likes indicate the level of subscribers’ interaction with your product. Significantly, likes confirm the brand’s image to your followers. The engagement rate on your content indicates how well subscribers view it. Hence, it’s a remarkable ranking criterion and the need for many likes on your content. Some people resolve to buy Instagram likes as an alternative to organic likes. Nonetheless, if you wish to buy likes, crosscheck the websites well before purchasing.

Instagram Likes makes you exceed your competitors

Gaining more likes on your profile or content is a great way to exceed your competitors on the platform. As earlier explained, more likes imply more engagement and interaction between your customers and your business.

It proves that your followers love your content when they like your profile and posts. It further clarifies why your content’s likes help you outshine your competitors.

It proves sociability 

To prove the sociability and fame of an Instagram account, check the number of likes and followers on the account. However, this may not be sufficient to attract more likes and followers but, it should not be overlooked.

For example, if you check a company’s Facebook page and notice how low their likes are, you would probably question why. A company’s Instagram likes to make a statement about it. A company with hundreds of likes will show visitors trust that it is reputable.

Alternatively, a brand with few likes after years of being active is a signal of a possible problem. Therefore, it becomes necessary to buy more likes. Buying instagram likes from Famoid portrays a good repute of the brand to the followers and visitors. Before purchasing Instagram likes, choose the safest appropriate site. is a perfect site for buying genuine Instagram likes.

Virality and Visibility

Instagram sometimes displays new likes to your followers’ friends. They come as suggestions in their feeds, thus increasing your visibility. This may not always result in more likes, but it can. This is significant since new likes may mean more business traffic.

Instagram likes demonstrate the achievement of your brand.

A business with a high number of Instagram likes is a reflection of its achievement. However, many company owners and entrepreneurs refuse to accept this point. Such brands hesitate to appreciate Instagram likes as a ranking criterion. They mistakenly believe that their customers share their beliefs.

Regardless, the truth is that the engagement rate on a brand’s posts can influence subscribers’ first perceptions.

Instagram Likes Help You Rank Higher in Search Engines

Your Instagram likes indicate more than your brand’s reputation. They also influence your website’s ranks in search queries. If your Instagram posts or profile has lots of likes, your posts or profile will appear on the Discover Page. It positively affects your sales and gains popularity from your followers.

Instagram Likes positively encourage your customers.

The most important aspect of Instagram likes is that they prove to your customers that everything is perfect. According to a social media specialist, this may not be a sole determinant. However, on the outside, it appears to satisfy customers’ desires.


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