Do Green Roofs Need Maintenance

Green Roof

Before knowing about the maintenance process of your green roof, you must have about the green roofs because without this, and you cannot handle or maintain your green roofs.

The green roof is such a type of roof having a layer of vegetation planted over a roof with a waterproof system and design so the water and other things cannot enter into the roof. These types of roofs are only installed in the top flats or slightly sloped.

The green roofs are also called vegetative or eco-friendly roofs; the primary purpose of these roofs is to make your home beautiful and natural-looking. You can grow grass, beautiful flowers, and decorative plants on the green roofs.

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I know you think that the green roofs need maintenance; if yes, what is the procedure, so keep reading the article to get all the information about this.

The green roofs are mostly free maintenance, but you often need to take care of your garden, which involves your roof. So many things may you must have required to do to maintain your green roof. Like you need to remove the weeds that enter the green roof by wind or birds resources, you also have to apply a specific amount of fertilizer after a regular interval of time according to your garden.

Make sure that by walking yourself in the garden, you don’t cause damage to the tiny plants and grass. Here is the maintenance method you can adopt for the Sedum and biodiverse roof.

Roof Inspection

Inspection is a necessary process that you need to make your green roof attractive and clean; for this, you need to do seeding and twice a minimum of two times a year and remove the unwanted vegetables, plants, and other small bushes. The spring and the autumn are considered the best season for this process; check the drainage system and remove all the leaves and dust.

We don’t recommend you use any pesticide chemicals because they can be harmful to the plants and vegetables you need. The inspection depends on the greenery of your green roof, so don’t limit yourself to two times; keep checking your garden.


Fertilization is also a necessary process to make your green roof maintenance and prevent it from any damage. You can fertilize your green roof twice a year, and the best time is ending in April and starting in July.

In fertilization, you have to provide the nutrients your garden wants, and you can also contact a farmer specialist to know which fertilizer is best for your mini garden. Maybe the Sempergreen fertilizer is best for you, but you are not bound to use this; it depends on yours and your garden.


A good Sedum roof doesn’t need any significant amount of water unless the weather is scorching, but mostly, we don’t face dry weather. So you must apply an irrigation system according to your area, like usually, the climate of your site is hot or cold.

So, in the end, if you still have this question in your mind that, do the green roofs need maintenance? Then yes, you have to maintain your green roof to prevent your roof from useless bushes, plants, and vegetables that can cause damage to your roof because the green roofs are only best for the small plants that have very short roots and can’t damage your roof.

You can walk in your green roof without any problem to check which process you take on the excellent care of your green roof. So you can follow the method mentioned above to maintain your green roof.


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