Coping with sexual anxiety

Anxiety is a part and parcel of life. From work to stress, it is a constant companion through different facets of life. One such area that anxiety wreaks it hallmark havoc on is, sex life.

Sex already, on its own, is an act of vulnerability. Therefore, the added burden of anxiety can then be really challenging to deal with. Whether your relationship is just starting off or has matured is irrelevant, as it can happen at any stage.

Sexual performance anxiety is cause by a range of factors, including trauma, sexual assault, stress in life in general or specifically relating to sexual prowess. It can also be cause due to poor body image, strained relationship, or abuse. Moreover, it may also be a result of lack of sexual chemistry.

This anxiety can lead to different issues, the foremost being erectile dysfunction in men, which then requires the intervention of the Best Sexologist in Lahore.

How to cope with sexual anxiety?

Just because you have sexual anxiety does not mean you have to bid your sex life adieu. There are ways that you can cope with this problem and have a healthy sex life.


Communication is a vital part of your relationship. Therefore, be upfront and honest about your problem with your partner, to find a mutually appeasing solution. Talk to them about why you have hang-ups about sex, and perhaps, you both can then resolve them in amicable way.

If you let your partner remain in the dark, you are also doing them a gross injustice, since your lack of interest in sex might be triggering their insecurities then.


One way to mediate stress and anxiety in the body is by meditating. Great for the mental health, mediation helps in moderating breathing. It also helps you connect with your mind, so that you are able to have a friendlier relationship with yourself.

Since anxiety and stress have a negative impact on your breathing, as the body perceives itself to be in danger, and thus, the last thing it wants is sex. Therefore, moderating breathing is effective as it helps body realize that there is not threat around it.


Trauma, sexual assault, and sexual abuse have a lasting impact on your health, but especially, your sexual health. Unless you get yourself proper help to resolve these issues, you will not be able to improve your sex life.

More importantly, these problems will continue to haunt you and will keep on negatively effecting your quality of life. Thus, it is vital that you get yourself much-needed help. Visit mental health experts like a therapist, counselor, psychologist or a psychiatrist to get your trauma and abuse resolved, and free yourself of these shackles.

Explore intimacy otherwise

Sex is not just about intercourse. Intimacy is not limited to sex form but does include other options that are pleasurable for you and your partner.

Thus, explore intimacy otherwise. Go on dates together, spend quality time with each other. Take up some fun hobbies or do couple’s courses so that you get pleasure from your partner, which then helps with chemistry. When that becomes easy, sex also comes naturally.


Wham, bam, thank you ma’am doesn’t work; foreplay is important as well. Don’t take sex as a chore, it’s a pleasurable activity. Foreplay can help you not just battle with your sexual performance anxiety, but also makes having sex less daunting and more pleasurable for you.

It is especially important for men; most women do not actually orgasm due to penetrative sex. They are turned on more by foreplay, which then helps them climax as well.

Talk to an expert

If your struggle with sexual performance anxiety is not receding, you must get help. It is imperative that you consult an expert like the Best Sexologist in Karachi and give yourself the chance to live a happy life.


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