The 3 most overlooked official essentials

If the heart of your business is the office, nothing is more important than ensuring it runs smoothly.  Unfortunately, there are a million spanners than can be thrown into the works at just about any moment – but also a long list of techniques and strategies that can keep you on track.  Keep the staff happy.  Prepare a detailed office schedule and calendar.  Keep records meticulously.  Manage the space ideally.  And never, ever forget that without all the right equipment on hand for every planned and unplanned task, office productivity and morale can sink even faster than the Titanic.

Amazingly, even when you think all the essentials have been taken care of, that occasional ‘facepalm’ moment of reaching for something basic and finding the cupboard bare is all too common in even the most serious of office environments.  So as so many offices get back on track in these most challenging of times for businesses of every type and scale, what are the Top 3 overlooked office basics that your best managers may somehow have overlooked?  The answers may surprise you (and you can get all at a reputable supplier, like RS Components). 

1. Paper

While the heart of the home office may be in the cloud or on the screen, physical office paper still plays a major role at work.  And while some A4 ‘bricks’ may not have slipped your mind, there’s a lot of other ‘pulpy’ essentials that you should never forget the importance of.  Got your sticky notes?  Your business card paper?  Premium sheets for the most important documents?  Envelopes for a special delivery?  You don’t want to be caught short when you’re reaching for something that basic.

2. Glue/tape

We’ve ‘stuck’ these two items together, because a more appropriate heading may actually be ‘adhesives’.  Those new to the office environment may be shocked at the dozens upon dozens of things you might need something sticky for, so a generous stash of glues – from a versatile school-spec glue-stick in the drawer to super glue for true sticky-power – and adhesive tapes should always be handy for those many moments of surprising need.

3. Batteries

Sure, you need batteries when your job is on the go and you’re not going to be near a power-point.  But at the office?  Don’t overlook a nice selection in the drawer for the surprising amounts of times you might hear yourself exclaiming: “Does anyone have any fresh batteries?  Anyone at all?”  There are remote controls, clocks, cameras, torches, and a thousand other specialist devices that can be critical to your operations – and most definitely require reserve energy on constant stand-by.  The really smart option for the forward-thinking, waste and cost-reducing office is to consider going rechargeable.  Pair the most commonly-used standard batteries (like AA) with a decent supply of AA rechargeable batteries, and you’ll never be left with a dead chunk of lead.

Oh, but there’s more.  Don’t run out of printer ink!  Who can ever find a new folder when you need one?  Have you ever needed to sign an important agreement but simply can’t find a decent pen that works?  Got some spare keyboards and mice in the supplies cupboard?  Made a mess and the cleaner isn’t around with their supplies?  Remember, no office can flow if the staff don’t have what they need precisely when they need it, so protect your business productivity and morale by stocking up today.


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