Leadership And Management: Learn Similarities And Differences Of Skills Set

To run a successful business, everyone needs to fulfil their duties responsibly. Every employee in a company plays a vital role in improving a business and taking it to phenomenal heights. However, two essential positions in a company are that of leader and manager. The work of these two defines how well the company will perform.

Having strong and effective leadership and management skills is no less than an asset for your company. Both of these are similar and different to some extent. This blog will explore what these are:

What Are Leadership Skills?

Leadership is the courageous act of leading a group, organization, or people to achieve a shared goal. It is when you influence and guide other people, individuals, or teams. In plain words, if you are a leader, several people will look up to you for direction, solutions, and guidance to achieve their goals and complete the tasks you have assigned them.

The AIM Leadership Survey highlights that 72% of Australian workers leave their jobs due to poor leadership in companies.

Leadership skills are not a single competency but rather a set of skills. Some of the prominent skills include:

  • Analytical decision making
  • Effective communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Team-work
  • Delegation
  • Trustworthiness
  • Patience
  • Team building
  • Risk-taking
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to teach and mentor

Some people are natural-born leaders. They can lead and guide big and small organizations remarkably. They head their staff smoothly, which takes the company to phenomenal heights. However, if you feel you lack leadership skills, you can learn and acquire them through education. There are many courses and degrees available both physically and virtually.

You can opt for a diploma of leadership and management online to learn essential skills and build your and your brand’s recognition.

What Are Management Skills?

A manager’s core duty is to ensure that their team fulfils the assigned tasks and planned goals effectively and timely.

Becoming a manager is the dream of many, making it a very popular post. The 2016 census shows that 14% (or 1,531,161) of all employed persons in Australia identified as owner-managers of businesses.

People who scale up to the manager level enjoy several perks. However, being in a managerial post calls for extensive responsibility. The boss and leaders of the company will expect a lot from you. They would look up to you for regular reports of the performance of the employees and the company.

You will need expertise in several facets to attain comprehensive management skills. Some of them include:

  • Conceptual skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Technical skills
  • Alertness
  • Creative problem-solving techniques
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Building human relations for the benefit of the company

Acquiring a diploma in leadership and management online is one of the many effective ways to learn and emerge as a top-notch manager.

Numerous online platforms teach you leadership and management skills and expertise.

A top course is the diploma of leadership and management. In this course, you are equipped with practical techniques essential in the different areas of project work.

After acquiring this certificate, you can get your hands on the promotion that you have been long awaiting. In this diploma, you are taught:

  • Business Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Operations/Facilities Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Retail Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Team Leader

Unleashing The Similarities Between Leadership And Management Skills

The leaders and managers of an organization are usually regarded as inseparable. This is because they both encompass the same vision and aim, i.e. to improve the condition and status of the company. The leaders and managers are regarded as the driving force of a company. They share the same skillset to a great extent.

Continue reading to learn about some of the significant similarities between leadership and management skills.

  • Leadership and management’s primary and ultimate aim is to improve and move the company forward
  • Leadership and management skills ensure that the company’s future needs are met through strategic analyses and critical thinking
  • An organization’s leading and managing authorities invest their expertise and time to run the company smoothly. They do so by ensuring every task is done responsibly and on time. Moreover, they also check junior employees to maintain uniformity and order within the organization
  • The leaders and managers prove to be role models for the company by staying sincere to the company and efficiently executing their skills. They both have an influential attitude to provide constructive guidance and enlightenment to their junior employees
  • Leaders and managers require leadership qualities and traits to run their administrative duties productively
  • The authorities associated with leading and managing the company need to direct their skillset towards the day-to-day activities of an organization
  • Leadership and management skills require setting new directions for the company that would be valuable. They both use their assets to achieve goals and help the company emerge successfully
  • The leaders and managers of the company have to be mindful, innovative, and adaptive. They know that change is imperative. If they do not accept and embrace it, their company will remain stagnant and not grow
  • The diploma in leadership and management online teaches you that leaders and managers have the extraordinary skill of always staying patient. This helps them stay cool-minded, which is essential to make gainful decisions and solve problems for the employees and the company

Exploring The Differences Between Leadership and Management Skills

Every position in an organization is unique. It comprises its own responsibilities and duties, which are supposed to be fulfilled by the person in charge. Leaders and managers are business positions that may sound the same. Although they encompass numerous similarities, both have several differences. Let’s look at a few of them:

  1. Leadership skills include inspiring, motivating, guiding, and providing direction to the company’s employees. In contrast, management skills comprise the organization, monitoring, coordination, and implementation of employees’ work.
  2. The primary duty of a leader is to provide vision to the company. They need to set goals and give direction — leadership skills include developing and maintaining powers. On the other hand, managers get the chance to exercise those powers. Their primary duty is to make their employees follow the leader’s vision.
  3. Leadership skills only concern the fulfilment of tasks and achievement of goals. In comparison, management skills have to be invested in completing tasks and achieving aims.
  4. Leaders invest their skill and time only to ensure a check, balance, and the smooth running of the company. However, managers invest their time and talent in commanding staff and ensuring that each team member understands their responsibilities.
  5. An effective leader with top-notch skills lives in the future. This is because they plan and strategize new ideas which will be fruitful for the organization. However, managerial skills include executing the opinions of the leader. They work to achieve the missions that their leaders set.
  6. Leaders are often the owners of the organization. Hence, they are not answerable to anyone. Even if they are not the owner, they do not have to respond to anyone else but the company’s owner. However, managers have to report to their supervisors and notify them about the performance of the employees and the company.
  7. Experienced and excellent leadership expertise can bring change to the company if the leader deems fit. However, management skills do not have the edge of making new decisions by changing the existing ones. They only ensure to make better of what is available to them.


Leaders and managers are very crucial components of a company. They are the driving force of a business but have several similarities and differences.

The leaders and managers of a company encompass world-class skills that take the business to astonishing heights. To learn more about these skills, you can opt for a diploma in leadership and management online.


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