Unpacking the Thiru Movie: Review, Rating, Cast, Plot, Crew, Budget, Story

The Tamil movie ‘Thiru’ is an action-packed thriller which has been critically acclaimed by audiences and critics alike. The film has been directed by Vinoth K.R. and stars S.J. Surya and Simran in the lead roles. The movie has a stellar cast and gripping storyline that will keep you hooked throughout. Through this article, we will be unpacking the movie in detail – from its review, rating, cast, plot, crew, budget, story and more. So, let’s dive right in and take a closer look at the movie’s details.

Thiru Movie Review

Thiru is a Telugu movie directed by Mithran Jawahar, this movie stars Dhanush, Raashi Khanna, Nithya Menen and P. Bharathiraja in the lead roles. The movie is a romantic-drama that revolves around the life of an aspiring filmmaker who is in search of his true calling.

The story is set in a small village in Andhra Pradesh and revolves around the life of Thiru (Dhanush) who is an aspiring filmmaker. He is passionate about making films and has a great eye for detail. He is constantly looking for ways to make his films better and is determined to succeed in his mission. However, his dreams are challenged by the people around him who try to push him down. But, Thiru is determined to make his dreams come true.

The movie also stars Raashi Khanna, Nithya Menen and P. Bharathiraja in key roles. The performances of the lead cast are commendable and they do justice to the characters. The movie is a visual treat and the cinematography captures the beauty of the rural landscape. The music of the movie is also excellent and adds to the overall experience.

Overall, Thiru is an excellent movie that is worth watching. The story is engaging and the performances are top notch. The movie is a visual treat and the music adds to the overall experience. It is definitely a movie that is worth watching.

Cast of Thiru

Cast of Thiru

Thiru is a Telugu romantic drama directed by Mithran Jawahar. The movie stars Dhanush, Raashi Khanna, Nithya Menen and P. Bharathiraja in the lead roles.

Dhanush plays the role of Thiru, a young man who is trying to make a living in the city. His life takes a turn when he meets Raashi Khanna, a student who is trying to make it in the world of fashion. Their relationship brings out the best in both of them and leads to a beautiful journey of love and understanding.

Nithya Menen plays the role of Subbulakshmi, Thiru’s close friend and confidante. She is a strong independent woman who helps guide Thiru through his difficult times.

P. Bharathiraja plays Thiru’s grandfather, a wise old man who gives him advice and support throughout his journey.

The movie is a story of love, friendship, family and self-discovery. It explores the complexities of a young man’s journey as he tries to find his place in the world. The cast of Thiru is sure to provide an enthralling experience for the audience.

Plot of Thiru

Plot of Thiru

The plot revolves around Thiru (Dhanush), a young man from a small town in India. As a child, he was adopted by a wealthy family in the city and was given the best of education and opportunities. He grows up to be a successful businessman and is well respected in the community.

One day, while on a business trip, Thiru meets Mounika (Raashi Khanna), a dancer and aspiring actress. Thiru and Mounika fall in love and decide to get married. However, Mounika’s past life catches up to her and she is forced to flee the city, leaving Thiru heartbroken.

Thiru is determined to find Mounika and reunite with her. He embarks on a journey that leads him to his ancestral home, where he discovers the truth about his parents and his past. Along the way, he encounters a variety of characters and learns valuable lessons about life and love. Ultimately, Thiru is able to overcome the obstacles and reunite with Mounika.

The film is a touching story about love, family and the power of forgiveness. It is an uplifting tale about a man’s courage and determination to fight for the one he loves. With its excellent performances and captivating plot, Thiru is a must-watch Telugu movie.

Crew of Thiru

Dhanush, one of the most successful actors in South India, played the role of a young man named Thiru. Thiru was a young man who had a dream to make it big in life. He was determined and ambitious and was willing to do whatever it takes to reach his dreams.

Raashi Khanna played the role of Thiru’s love interest. She was a strong and independent woman who supported Thiru in his journey. Nithya Menen played the role of a journalist who was determined to expose the truth behind a mysterious death. P. Bharathiraja plays the role of an old man who provides guidance and support to Thiru.

The movie also featured some amazing-supporting cast members such as Prasanna, Abhinaya, and Mime Gopi. Prasanna played the role of Thiru’s best friend and provided him with support and advice in his journey. Abhinaya played the role of a strong and independent woman who was determined to fight for justice. Mime Gopi played the role of a powerful villain who was determined to bring down Thiru.

The cast of Thiru was remarkable and the performances of all the actors were outstanding. The movie was a great success and was praised by the audience and critics alike.

Budget of Thiru

The budget of the movie was estimated to be around 10 crores.

The production team of Thiru carefully monitored the budget to ensure that it did not exceed the estimated amount. This was done by making sure that all of the resources such as locations, cast, crew, props, and costumes were kept at a minimum. The movie was shot in various locations across India including Chennai, Bangalore, and Goa. The crew also made use of innovative techniques in order to keep the budget low.

The makers of Thiru also made sure that the marketing and distribution of the movie was done in a cost-effective manner. The team made use of digital platforms and social media in order to spread the word about the movie. They also released teaser posters and trailers of the movie in order to generate hype and increase the reach of the movie.

Overall, Thiru was able to make the most of its budget and was successful in recouping its expenditure. The movie was well-received by the audience and went on to become a box-office hit.

Story of Thiru

The movie revolves around the life of Thiru (Dhanush), a small-time thief who has been trying to make ends meet by stealing from the rich. After a failed mission, he meets a girl, Nithya (Raashi Khanna) and falls in love with her. But things take a turn when Thiru finds out that Nithya’s father, P. Bharathiraja, is the police commissioner and is determined to catch him.

Thiru then turns to his wise grandfather (P. Bharathiraja), a retired police officer, for help. His grandfather advises him to surrender himself to the police and clear his name. With the help of his grandfather, Thiru decides to turn himself in and prove his innocence.

With the help of his friends, Thiru sets out to prove that he is innocent and to clear his name. He faces numerous obstacles while trying to prove his innocence, including a corrupt police officer and a powerful gangster.

The movie showcases Thiru’s journey to prove his innocence and how he overcomes the obstacles he faces on the way. It is an inspiring story of how one can triumph over difficult situations and emerge victorious.

Overall, Thiru is an inspiring story about courage, determination and the will to succeed. It is a must watch for all those who want to be inspired and motivated in life.

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The Thiru movie is a modern classic that has something for everyone. With its impressive cast, crew, captivating story, and decent budget, it is a highly recommended movie. It is also a perfect start for any movie buff who has yet to explore the Tamil cinema. The Thiru movie is sure to leave its mark as it has already done in the hearts of many. It is truly an entertaining cinematic experience that should not be missed.


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