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The sad truth is that criminals target travelers, especially in and around hotels. The abundance of hotel Stainless steel flange guards (India) security literature does not seem to deter criminals from using hotels as a target for their profession. An informal survey of hotel security officers shows that old patterns of re-crimes and new things (or new versions of old things) are preserved. However, there are certain methods that may reduce the risk of being the target of a crime or other danger in the hotel.


The principle of hotel security begins long before you check into the hotel. When you go to the hotel and park in its garage or parking lot, the starting point is car security, baggage protection and personal safety. If you arrive by taxi, your taxi security and baggage handling is your starting point. In fact, if you haven’t been to any hotel recently, your starting point should be a call home to ask a few questions. If the hotel is abroad, the list of questions you need to ask in advance is longer. In any case, you should call to confirm your booking; get a fax with confirmation and write down the name of the person you spoke to.


In my experience with many hotels in the U.S. and abroad
When choosing a safe hotel, you should ask three questions:
Are these electronic door locks? How good is their control? Is there a fire?
alarm and irrigation system? “Overall, the only way to know –
Call the hotel directly. The main security issue is to determine who
has access to a hotel room. So we can install electronic locks
Keep a tightly controlled key management system, it is the guests themselves often lose their vigilance and do not lock their door when they go down the corridor for ice cream or open the door for the intruder. “It is important to remember that a hotel is a public place and that criminals are drawn to places where outsiders are vulnerable.”


If possible, do not stay in a room on the ground floor of the hotel. Because the ground floor rooms often have sliding doors or windows accessible from the first floor, they pose a greater security risk than rooms on the upper floors. Rooms from the second to fifth floors are usually a good choice in the event of a fire, as they are easier to access for rescue purposes than higher-level rooms. But the choice of detail is rarely so simple. If you attend or attend a convention during peak season, your room choice may be limited. A more expensive room does not guarantee you more fire safety, as more luxurious suites are usually located on the upper floors, and therefore in the event of a fire to get out of them is more difficult. A space away from an ice generator or laundry room will minimize the impact of noise in the hallway.
traffic and room at the entrance offer an alternative to the endless expectation of crowded elevators. Women travelling alone can choose a room next to CCTV cameras in the lobby or in the stairwell for extra security. Before you check into your assigned room, make sure you have quick access to the emergency exit through a window or stairs.

Marvin Badler, a security and investigative expert, has appeared on CBS – 60 Minutes, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, FOX NEWS, German television and many other local, national and international television and radio stations. Marvin Badler was the first American to be appointed by the Israeli government as head of U.S. security at EL AL Israel Airlines.

… This “last hour” will come only when you see ten signs … landslides (with shipwreck, collapse or displacement of land) in three places, one in the east, one in the west and one in Arabia. .. (Sahich Muslim)

The verses of the Koran say that all living and inanimate beings, the whole universe will inevitably come to an end.

This end, in other words the Last Day, will be the last day of this world’s life, but also the beginning of eternal life in the afterlife. This day, as the Koran says, is the day when “humanity will appear before the Lord of all worlds” (Koran 83: 6). On the last day, the universe and all living things will be destroyed, and this destruction will occur as a result of events never seen before. In Sur al-Maaridge, our Lord reveals:

During the day, the air is like molten copper, and the mountains are like shreds of colored wool. No good friend will ask about their friend, even if they can see each other. The perpetrator would want to be free from punishment of the day through his sons, or his wife, or his brother, or his family, who had sheltered him or anyone else on the ground, if only that meant that he could save himself. But no! It’s a fit of anger. (Koran, 70: 8-15)

This is the day when everyone will understand the great power of God, and it will be a day of panic, fear and suffering for the unbelievers. Our Lord reveals in the Koran that “the hour is approaching” (Koran 20:15) and that it will come suddenly when people least expect it (Koran, 16:77 and 7: 187). In another verse, our Lord told us that there would be certain signs before the Hour:

What are they waiting for if the Hour does not come? HIS SIGNS HAVE ALREADY OCCURRED. What will their memory do for them when it appears? (Koran, 47:18)

Our Prophet Muhammad (Saas) described in detail these signs that occur before the Hour in the Hadith. In addition to the last day signs, he also made statements about the period immediately before that. This period, when there are signs of the last day, is the “time of the end.”

Crud Roadracers are plastic sprayers (USA: sprayers) designed to be mounted on racing bikes that have no support for conventional protection. They are inexpensive, light, stylish and do not require a big gap.

They weigh only about 180 grams (6.5 grams). You really don’t have lighter treads for your bike, but even if you could, you wouldn’t feel the difference.

If you can insert a 5mm hexagonal key between tyres and supports, there will be plenty of room on your bike. It’s probably a 4mm. If you have large tyres and insufficient clearance, reducing the size of the tires can help.

The geometry of many racing bikes is such that you can feel the ‘closure of your toes’ after you put protective covers on your bike (all protective covers, not just Roadracers). This means that during slow turns, the front of the foot can hit the back of the tread. At normal speed, you don’t turn the front wheel enough to cause a problem.

The build is simple, the instructions are clear, no tools are required. Pay special attention to the warning not to pull cable screeds (cable ties) fixing the fences under the brakes. If these straps are too tight, they will deform the form of protection.

I took the time to try out the guards, and half an hour later everything was ready. I think you can do it in 10 minutes if you read the instructions in advance. I’ve been out for a walk in the rain twice since I rode the Roadracers on my bike. They were 100% effective in keeping the spray from the rear wheel on my back. They drastically reduced the amount of water falling on my legs and the “transmission” of the bike, but did not remove it completely.

The fences are designed so that the brackets will weaken and/or break if road dirt hits them. I didn’t check it out, but the producers did. If necessary, they can get spare parts.

The only real drawback that I’ve found is that the rear protection doesn’t provide full protection for the driver coming right behind you – it doesn’t go far enough for that. Normally I only ride in wet weather, but this can be a problem for you during group trips on a wet road.

If your bike fits and you are not bothered by the length of the rear tread, I highly recommend this product.

A more detailed review, including a photo of a pair of Roadracers mounted on one of my road bikes, can be found in a review of Crud Roadracer on my blog.


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