Same Race Multi on Horse Racing  – A New Way

Betting has been a part of life in Australia since the early 1800s. Since the early stages of horse racing the method of betting and the types of betting options available has constantly changed to meet the needs of the punters. Same Race Multis (SRM) have exploded onto the scene in recent times and if their early popularity is any guide, they are going to revolutionise how bets are placed.


A Same Race Multiis the newest type to bet on horse racing market. It allows bettors to combine bets on a horse’s finishing position in a single race.  For example, an SRM can contain a bet on a horse to finish in the top 2, combined with two more horses that can finish in the top 4. The payout is calculated by multiplying the odds of the selections (i.e., $8 x $3 x $3 = odds of $72 for $1 invested. The possibilities are endless.

Why Choose SRM?

Exotic bet types are not new to horse racing with a number of options already available. Punters can already bet on a “quinella” (first two horses past the post), a trifecta (first three) and a “first four”. The difference, however, is the payout available for winning tickets. The dividends on the traditional exotic bets are dependent upon the total prize pool on the bet less the “take out” by the TAB. In simple terms, the real value of the bet may not be shown in the dividend due to a small number of bets on the race and/or an abnormally high number of winners.

In contrast to the traditional bet types, SRM odds are determined when the bet is placed and not dependent on the prize pool. The bettor knows what the potential dividend will be. The potential winnings are fixed. There are no surprises or anxieties when you have a winner as the odds have already been determined prior to the race.

When Should I Bet on an SRM?

While a SRM can be placed on most horse races (dependent on field size) the real value can be found in the feature races. In these races, there are big fields and all horses are quality performers, meaning that there is value to be found. Astute bettors will study the form for races such as the Caulfield Cup, Melbourne Cup and Doncaster Handicap and find some form runners at good odds down in the weights who can fight out the finish. These horses don’t have to necessarily win the race to ensure a good payout, but finish around the placings.

Who Should I Bet With?

With so many options available for SRMs it can be difficult knowing who to bet with. It is important to find an online betting company that has a good reputation and offers a good range of horse racing betting odds markets coupled with great prices.

Palmerbet is a third-generation bookmaking company that is licensed and financially guaranteed within Australia. They offer great service and fantastic prices. 

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