As the moon shines brightest on a somber night, a thin veil of clouds passes by. The milky, blueish iridescence that it produces gives the clouds their spellbinding play of light. Moonstone is enchanted by the magic of the moon.

It contains a mystic gift as old as the moon. The pearly shroud holds our inner truths dormant. In its vigor, it brings to light the hidden parts of the soul. We are eternally connected to the moon because our connection to it has long been embedded far beyond time. Moonstone is often considered a symbol of love, a protective talisman, a prediction tool, and a medium of enlightenment.

Moonstones have been used in jewelry since ancient civilizations, told from Shokoro, handcrafted jewerly shop. An awe-inspiring stone with rainbow flashes of light from all angles, this translucent kaleidoscope stone has long fascinated observers. Rome believed it to be a solidified ray of moonlight. Also, the Greeks associated the stone with their lunar gods and goddesses.

During the turn of the 20th century, artisans of the art nouveau period made large quantities of jewelry using moonstones. Moonstone can be found mostly in European deposits, but it can also be found in Mexico and the United States.


This Feldspar mineral has a lax opacity and a shimmering white appearance that is known as chatoyancy, or “cat’s eye” – the moving band of light. Its mysterious glow that changes position when the stone is moved is sometimes called adularescence. Moonstone can be found in a range of subtle tones such as blue, white, peach, gray, and a gaudy form known as Rainbow Moonstone. It was known that in ancient times, people saw the moon from crescent to ebbing stages in its creamy silver brilliance.


As one of Moonstone’s strongest powers, it may be the best gem for storing psychic abilities. People have experienced out-of-this-world visions when they touched the stone for the first time. Moonstone was referred to in ancient lore as the “gem of winter,” the “phenomenal gem” of the Orient that can only be worn on Mondays.

It is said that the gem loses its luster if the wearer is filled with anger. In some cultures, Moonstone is given as a gift for the thirteenth year of marriage and the thirteen years after that because of the belief that the stone will diminish the negative connotation for thirteen – which is often associated with bad luck.


Brilliant gems are used as Traveler’s Stones. If the moon is shining, night travelers or those above the water are protected. In earlier times, when electricity hadn’t been invented, it was used for illumination. These days, it is used as a source of illumination for dark periods in life in general. Since Moonstone possesses elevating energy of hope, it has long been worn as a talisman to protect explorers and boost their personalities. In addition to wearing the beautiful gem, those who travel regularly may place one in the glove compartment to keep them calm while driving and to prevent road rage.


Love is not only symbolized by the gem’s heavenly beauty, but also by its healing effect which encompasses love. By letting the heart see and feel deeply with Moonstone, you will begin to accept what unconditional really means. Crystals for new love, all-encompassing gems for hidden love, and talismans for reconciling loved ones who were angry when they were apart.

As well as being the gem of passion, moonstone is also associated with sexuality. Having kundalini energy and eroticism stimulated is beneficial for couples. When worn during the full moon, your bodies are synchronized to the lunar cycle. Women use Moonstone necklaces for fertility and fidelity, placing one beneath the bed while placing twelve in a circle around the bedroom.


Make a wish by holding the gem in your right hand and breathing your wishes. During full moons, leave the stone outside until the next full moon so it can naturally capture the energy of the moon. Keep whispering your wish by your window every night until you can return the gem to its place. After that, all you have to do is keep it close to you to make your wish come true.

Hold the Moonstone under the full moon when you want to change something in your life. If you close your eyes, run through the things you wish to change in your mind, then say, “Mother Moon, take these trials from me”. Continue this for two weeks. On that night, bury the gem far from home along the roadside, then leave and never look back, knowing you will never see that part of your life again.

Sleeping problems can be alleviated by holding the Moonstone before going to sleep. If you need a restful night, place the Moonstone underneath your pillow. Moonstone has a boundless impact when used under a full moon.


We have been introduced to different gems that guide us on our unique journeys as a result of the New Age movement. There are just too many captivating stones to keep them away from the mainstream spotlight. Various crystals and gemstones have been incorporated into jewelry making all over the world for their beauty. Nowadays, celebrities like the quirky designs of Moonstone jewelry so much that it is simply worn as a fashion accessory.


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