How to Bet on football tips

Football betting can be super exciting but can get depressing when you are recording too many losses. The problem is not because you are an arsenal fan to all the arsenal fans watching this we love you. You probably just need a betting strategy or a change in strategy. So kick off with us in this video and learn five reliable strategies to help you score several hat tricks in football betting.

Arbitrage Betting:

The first football betting we are going to be discussing is the ทีเด็ดบอล วันนี้ arbitrage system who says you can’t kill two birds with one stone drop that. The arbitrage strategy allows you to do this in football betting with Class. The arbitrage strategy instructs you to exploit the gambling market differences especially odds. You simply bet on two different outcomes in a event on two different bookmakers or gambling sites such that whatever the outcome is you win in the long run.

Let’s create an example with an el clasico match between real madrid and barcelona. On saturday you have the winning odds at 1.53 for barca and on site b you have 3.10 for real madrid to win. Now let’s say you’re willing to bet 100 on this match. You will split your bet into two unequal parts say 67.33 you then stake the bigger bets on the lower odd this gives you a win of 102.30 when your 67 bet is multiplied by the bookmarkers 1.53 odd. You further stake the remaining 33 bet on the bigger odd 3.10 which gives you 102.30 cents if the win comes through. In the scenario we just painted no matter the team that wins the player ends up with a profit of nothing less than two dollars 30 cents with their 100 capital still intact. However the slight downside of this strategy is that a player may lose all investments if a draw situation occurs it works perfectly only in an event where a team or player has to win for the match to end also the returns derived are not always impressive unless you invest big capital.

Double Chance Strategy:

Next up at number two is the double chance strategy but hold on a bit and answer this why was the best footballer in the world asked to tidy his room because he was Messy. Back to our double chance strategy this is a strategy that can boost upon her chances of winning by 33%. It allows you to bet on two possible outcomes. In an event typically you opt for one of three different options one the team a will lose or draw two the team b will lose or draw or three that a win will surely occur that is a or b will win and there will be no draw. In this case you are getting double value on just one Bet. However, the sad part about this gambling option is that it usually comes with low odd and if you don’t stake very huge money you may not get big returns.

sower strategy:

At Number three is what we call the sower strategy a sower spread seeds in several places hoping to reap from some of the seeds that eventually germinate. The strategy advises players to bet on multiple events in other words spread their bets on different games and hope to win at least some if not all games of course this strategy requires a very fat bank role

since you’re going to be investing in a lot. However to make this strategy work more effectively you need a plan and a budget let’s say you have five games you wish to bet on and you have a bankroll of a hundred dollars you can share the bets equally as twenty dollars per game or you could share it Unequally giving your favorite events the bigger share.


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