If you’re living in Dubai and want to own a dog, it’s essential to know how much dogs cost a month dubai? As it’s not easy to keep a dog. Also, it’s a big responsibility to look after dogs. Every dog breed has a different sense, needs, and requirements. Protecting and clean living environment is essential for the dog.

Additionally, you must feed your dog quality to keep healthy and fit. But all this comes doesn’t come for free. Especially when you’re living in Dubai, it costs a handsome amount to take care of your dog for a month. You can Buy Dog food Dubai in best rates.

The expense of food:

Many people don’t count other expenses when buying a dog, especially in Dubai. Feeding a dog is an essential requirement. Also, if you have a dog in Dubai, dog food costs around $20 to $58.33 for a month. It depends on what kind of dog breed you have and what type of food he eats. Moreover, you can save money if you make better choices.

Toys for dogs:

As dogs also like to play with toys, some toys are mainly for dogs. Also, every different dog may like other toys. So, it would help if you took care of what tou your dog wants. Well, you own a dog in Dubai costs around $2 to $4 a month. Additionally, the choice of dogs regarding you can change after a month or after a few days. So you’ll have to buy their toys as well. That’s how you won’t feel bored.

Dogs grooming:

Owning a dog in Dubai asks for grooming as well as you can’t keep them dirty every time. So it’s necessary to keep them stylish and cool. Also, you’ll have to keep changing their styles and everything to make them look stylish and cool. It may cost around $2.5 to $41 for a month in Dubai to keep your dog looking coolest.

Veterinary care:

If you want to keep your dog healthy and fit, then it will cost more as it takes veterinary care for them. Moreover, you know that Dubai is an expensive country where fulfilling all these requirements is accessible only for those who can afford it—owning a dog in Dubai and keeping them healthy costs around $58 to $166 for a month. That’s a handsome amount to pay for health for a dog.

Supplements and medication:

Food and care aren’t just enough to keep your dog healthy and fit. Also, you’ll have to look after the medication and supplement, and it will cost separately. Also, as Dubai is a bit expensive country, drugs will cost a handsome tiny amount, around $16.5 to $50 for a month.

So, if you want to keep your dog is healthy and fit, then do take care of their medication and supplements.

Resources and training classes:

If you’re in Dubai and you’re buying a dog, then you must have hired a trainer to train your dog, and definitely, the training doesn’t come for free. You’ll have to pay a monthly amount to the trainer for his job. This dog training will cost you around $2 to $25 in Dubai for a month. Additionally, what kind of trainer you choose for your dog’s training is up to you.

Pet sitters:

If you’re a dog, but you are a busy person, and you don’t have time to look after your dog, then you’ll have to find a pet sitter to look after your dog. In Dubai, pet sitters cost around $25. Also, every pet sitter charges differently.


Living in Dubai while owning a dog cost a handsome amount, so if you’re going to buy a dog for yourself, you must read this article to know how much do dogs cost a month dubai? 

This article will help you immensely and give you accurate information about owning a dog in Dubai. Owning a dog in Dubai costs around $125 to $824 for a month. 

Also, it’s up to you how you make choices and decisions for your dog. Moreover, this cost includes all the dog’s expenses, including food, medication, toys, training, styling, and more. Additionally, you can’t compromise on anything while owning a dog because it won’t keep your dog healthy and safe, as they need full attention and taking care.


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