God’s Perception is the Best Point of View

You are a unique woman. There is no one on this planet who looks like you. God has put many gifts and talents into you, and most of the time, as women, we do not pursue our dreams, goals, or callings for ourselves.

Do not let yourself be hindered by what God has called you for. Trust and believe that if God gave you a vision, you will be able to do so. Here are some ways you can keep looking and going in what God wants for you:

1.) Look for the Kingdoms (Matthew 6:33). Ask God what to do and how to do it. It will indicate you every step and guide your steps.

2.) Write it down by receiving a vision (Avvakum 2: 2). Write down what, as you know, God is calling you. Whether it’s a business plan, monthly or weekly times or a journal entry. Recording vision gives you a starting point to stay focused.

3.) Decide in your heart to decide to walk in what God has in store for you (Daniel 1: 8-9). Sometimes we go in the direction of what to do, but we don’t make the decision to go through times becoming tough (i.e. lack of money, no one supports our decision). We must make a decision in Christ’s favor and remember to remain attached to what is Christ.

4.) Recognize God by all means (Proverb 3: 6). The expanded Bible reads, “When we know it, we will know and recognize it…” It is so deep, because we not only recognize His presence in this passage, but we also do. know his ways, learn what he is doing in our lives, recognize him, and thank him.

5.) Hope on God that it will work (Romans 8:28). Know that your hard work, prayer, and time will be the seed to sow in someone’s life, and you will be very rewarded. If you continue to pray and be obedient, God will use you to realize His vision in your life.

Don’t give up and don’t give up, God has prepared something special for you! You can do it!

Dara Nicole is the author, speaker and mentor of young people of this generation. She has worked with various youth and women’s organizations in metropolitan Detroit and helped develop programs and activities to improve their self-esteem, promote group discussions, and provide them with resources and opportunities to develop their talents and talents. His next novel, “The Christian Teen,” titled “The Called,” will be released in the fall of 2010.


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