10 Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 Available in 2021 To Knock Down Enemies – CS: GO

Dust 2 is a popular and well-known video game map that can be found in the first-person shooting series Counter-Strike. Dust 2 is the best grenade location. Grenades are one of the most useful Utilities in CS: GO. Which one is the most well-known CSGO to grenades in 2021?


Dust 2 is an important and well-known map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is one of the greatest kinds of maps renowned for persuading and making the player and gamer feel at ease. We may also claim that it is beneficial for people who are new to dust 2. If a player is new to the world of gaming sites, he should start with this helpful map.

If the player enjoys playing such games, he will most likely enjoy this game. It is also recognised as the most useful and beginner-friendly type of map. We claim it’s pleasant and beneficial because of its simple layout and user interface. However, the majority of players on this planet play counter-strike-global offensive games. Every participant has devised the optimal strategy for playing these dust two games. In this post, there are six greatest sorts of grenade locations mentioned:

 2: T-site:

In this post, we will try to list all of the finest types of playing techniques to use before meeting your opponents in the game. A T-site is the first and most important grenade that a player should utilise. If the player has the B grenade and is able to smoke within, he may also check up the correct doors in the middle of the building.

The player’s attention now shifts to how he can make the most use of this grenade. So, before sliding down over the lodge, the player should move on top and jump through it from here.

Now the player must gaze up to them between the doorstop of the corner, and then he will be able to reach the end of the building’s suicide area. Then, from the beyond and the edge of the smoke and smoke person, a flashlight will appear. The player should then hurry down there for a meet-up and take mid-control of the region.

3: Smoke X-box from spawn: 

Smoke X-box is the greatest and second most well-known Best grenade locations dust 2. A smoke X-box is commonly known as the spawn smoke X-box. In addition, the user must visit every corner using the classic view model inside the game, and the player must now line the top of the right corner with a smoke grenade dust 2. The user or player takes on the form of the awning on top of the corner and can leap through it.

4: Smoke the corner Flashover:

 Smoke is the third and greatest type of grenade in the game Best grenade spots dust 2. The smoke is a result of a flashover from the building’s corner. Assume the player has the best type of long spawn and want to flash through the smoke from the corner. The user should have to pass through this small wall before he may flashover the smoke, however, this smoke is not too far away from a large region.

The gamer should then line up his finger from the dotted corner and leap throw with it. The user must open the first door, then the player must open the second door, which will cause smoke to emanate from the corner of the wall within the game. The first flashlight becomes the catching for everyone, and he can then see a large region of smoke. Using the second flashlight, the user or player will go blind during the game.

However, it is up to the player, and if he is running late, he can glance up to the top left of the rectangle. The player should then perform a little leap or quick run snap to make the jump throw, and he will be able to view the blinded region. Or, with its assistance, the player may be able to view the other side of the room. The player should then use the 2nd flash smoke to look at the dotted region or the pit area. Also, the second flash is the best sort of flash since it can get any player from any side or plane close to the building’s entrance.

5: Smoke CT(best smoke spots dust 2):

Smoke CT is ranked fourth and is the greatest sort of grenade location in Dust 2. If the player utilises or does a long time and employs the cat split, the CTS will be made around the guns. The player does not want to produce the smoke and leap throw with the smoke, since this smoke will rapidly kill the adversary. Then we can say that smoke CT is the greatest type of smoke, allowing the player or user to battle effectively against his opponents and adversaries.

The best type of circumstance is one in which there is smoke CT. So the player should line up on the shadow, which depends on the player or user to make available and perpendicular to the wall, and the player should be able to run from it. The formation of the lineup is essential since it takes some effort to screw up with the smoke.

6: Smoke Cross: 

In the dust two games, Smoke Cross is ranked fifth in the grenade system. In addition, if the user or player want to smoke from the cross, he will discharge the smoke from the border of the garage area, which will be off-screen. The player or user who comes from out there draws a line from the corner, and this will bounce right back.

7: Smoke X-Box and Talk Mid: 

If the player has the X-Box grenade position in this game and the game is dreaming, he may line up the window from there. The player or gamer should glance down with the corner or with the second window. The player should then gaze towards the centre of the Y, and the user should be able to see a little gap from there. Now it’s up to the user or player to decide where to go from here. The player then releases just before being struck by the wall.

8: The Xbox smoke: 

The Xbox smoke is a new and improved type of grenade spot in the game Best grenade spots dust 2. Because everyone in this world is familiar with the usage and name of Xbox, we will make more use of it in this game. The Xbox is the most vexing AWP in the middle of a brief stop. As a result, the player has nearly two optimal alternatives for using this grenade. One option is to hover the mouse over the thumbnail, which will play a brief video clip.

The second is that Xbox smoke will cause smoke to emanate from the bottom tube.

9: The Long corner smoke: 

Lengthy corner smoke is also the greatest type of grenade choice offered in the game. The CT will be forced to proceed with the wide range of regions that are locations to double the doors on the long side of the corner as a result of the long corner smoke.

The lengthy corner smoke is how the player may follow up there if he is utilising and receiving the first frag. He will be given the opportunity to hurl the smoke grenade if the user or player has the greatest choice and opportunity to utilise the smoke grenade and if the user or gamer attempts to locate an escape with it. If there is no smoke available, CT will get the frag system as well as the movements behind the corner or cover wall.

10: A Site, CT Spawn: 

A site, CT Spawn, is also the site where his joints with CT spawn, and on the globe, the user or player has the possibility of happening and preventing anything from their game. The player has the ability to swiftly wing out. However, the player will be apprehended using various sorts of explosives.

11: The mid to B smoke:

If the user or player wishes to hurry side B, he is out of luck. The user or gamer should toss the smoke and then add a B split. The mid to B smoke, on the other hand, would have become extremely easy for the player or user of the game finest smoke locations dust 2. The smoke shoots out, and it appears like everyone from every door and behind every door has been ejected.

12: B door smoke: 

The B door smoke is one of the greatest grenades that has just been added to the list of grenades in the skybox and removed from the dust 2. Furthermore, it is becoming the rest corner in dust two grenades with the assistance of smoke accessible on the roof region of the building.

13: How do you generate smoke in Dust 2’s mid doors?

Smoke in the middle is a common question that virtually every player asks from the start of the game. Every player has the goal of fulfilling the goal of targeting the opponents or foes. When a player has linked himself to himself with crates and wants to enter the windows to target another player, he may do it fast using that door and windows. The player must retain an image of himself on the map at all times. The player should retain a window on top and sprint till he reaches the bottom. He can also leap throw from it. If a player from the other side tries to reach here, the smoke will prevent them from doing so.

14: Tell about the finest smoke and flashes with the new Dust 2 and Skybox changes?

We can state that this is a surprise update in the game known as Dust 2. The player should open the valve in dust two before entering the B’ site to the new player and those who wish to execute the players with utility into bombsite from the top region of tunnels. Also, as a result of several requests from users and players, the game’s design has been altered. Counter-strike is also included in the greatest smoke locations dust 2. In this game, the user can choose an attack strategy for the developer’s website. It is also possible to make fresh changes to it. The skybox is also operational at the T-site area or grenade system position.

The valve allows the player to make certain adjustments to it. In addition, the player may play its game efficiently. When a player makes new adjustments, he may encounter difficult alterations on the map. However, we must warn you and all new players that the higher tunnels of the game are quite difficult at first.

It is also possible that smoke will be directed back towards the player, and smoke will be unable to produce any hits on the site. And this smoke appears to be too hard, yet it is not.

15: The B doors smoke from upper tunnels in dust 2:

If the window has some smoke, the player is requesting main smoke, and it is up to the player who is throwing smoke from the windows. However, there is no reference to the ideal one for every gamer who is generating the smoke. The player faces several significant dangers, such as crossing a chokepoint and waiting in line for the queue.

As a result, smoke is flashing and blossoming within the game and doors, and every opportunity of CT play is limited. Other variations of the B doors smoke are available to assist the players. However, it does not obstruct the barrels in the game. And it permits the T’s, which allows the gamers to access the site.

16: How to make skybox executes in smoke for dust 2?

The player who wants to play with the smoke must step away from the platform for a short period of time. The skybox maybe screamed out of the area’s B tunnels. The players do not pass through the choke. However, each sentence is remarkably identical to the next. However, the players and gamers have both options for wall smoke from there.

However, any adversary on the plat can be blocked by the player who is using various platforms or sharing the same media. He may be looking at the flash for the smoke of the reason for sitting and waiting. The player who wishes to toss the smoke moments is then in charge of flashing the locations. The players are creating smoke from the doors and waiting for the push to enter the side.

The first pillar from the T spawn may be used to throw smoke. The players may do things with the smoke, and they can toss smoke by left-clicking.

The fifth player has the greatest possibilities, including the ability to reduce the push and some dumping usefulness of down the cat.

When a player utilises the smoke, he must use the Ts and must depart with two Ts. We may say that a cloud of smoke is everywhere, and he can also execute smoke extremely effectively. Cat smoke is a common application of mid to B and CT. As a result, all of the participants will depart with their backs to the area or building.

17: The last smoke is at the finest grenade locations dust 2:

The last smoke is the finest grenade location in Dust 2, and it functions similarly to the incendiary grenade system. The CTs will enter the tunnels. As a result, all of the players are prepared.

The smoke and flashes will assist the players and gamers in entering or exiting the window. As a result, all of the players are extremely vulnerable to Molotov cocktails.

The player will set fire to the platform, as well as advise the platform from Molotov’s. As a result, all players and gamers have access to all of the resources of a bombsite. The players all having a good time, and he can throw fifty various hues of smoke and crouch throw, as well as leap throw.

18: Some well-known CSGO grenades in 2021:

Some well-known and popular grenades are attracting players and gamers to the game Best grenade locations dust 2. Their names are mentioned below:

  1. stairs a short’s CT spawn smoke
  2. Mid doors smoke from mid doors
  3. Short one-way smoke from stairs
  4. Short smoke from a car
  5. Lower tunnel CT mid smoke
  6. Short One-way smoke from short
  7. B plat smoke from tunnels
  8. B doors smoke from tunnels
  9. Tunnel entry one-way smoke from tunnels
  10. Long corner smoke from outside long
  11. The tunnel entry smoke from tunnels
  12. Long doors smoke from a car
  13. Goose smoke from a short
  14. B window smoke from Tunnels
  15. Extended-A one-way smoke from extended a
  16. Xbox smoke from T spawn
  17. B site car smoke from outside B doors
  18. A cross smoke from long doors
  19. B plat smoke from Tunnels
  20. Xbox smoke from T spawn
  21. Xbox smoke from lower tunnels
  22. A one-way dumpster smoke from a short
  23. Back plat smoke from tunnels
  24. CT spawn smoke from long doors
  25. CT spawn smoke from Xbox
  26. B window smoke from upper tunnels
  27. Tunnels smoke from CT mid
  28. Long corners smoke from T spawn
  29. A short Boost smoke from a short
  30. B doors smoke from tunnels
  31. Short smoke from long
  32. Xbox smoke from T spawn
  33. B doors smoke from the catwalk
  34. A short boost smoke from a short
  35. Xbox smoke from top mid
  36. B window smoke from close
  37. B site smoke from mid
  38. Long corner smoke from long doors
  39. Deep tunnels smoke from b plat
  40. Long smoke from outside long
  41. CT spawn fake smoke from outside long
  42. CT spawn smoke from a ramp
  43. Long corner smoke from long doors
  44. Long doors smoke from the car
  45. Long corner smoke from taxi
  46. Long doors smoke from the car
  47. Tunnels smoke from B windows
  48. Short smoke from long
  49. Xbox smoke from T spawn
  50. Xbox smoke from T spawn 
  51. Xbox smoke from outside long
  52. A short smoke from before long
  53. Long doors smoke from cat
  54. CT spawn sniper spot smoke from short
  55. B doors smoke from tunnels
  56. CT spawn smoke from blue
  57. Xbox smoke from T spawn
  58. B doors smoke from the catwalk
  59. Tunnels smoke from CT mid
  60. A cross smoke from long doors
  61. Xbox smoke from T spawn
  62. Back plat smoke from outside B doors
  63. Mid doors smoke from the front of long doors
  64. Xbox smoke from Top mid
  65. Xbox smoke from suicide
  66. Under a one-way smoke from a long
  67. Back plat smoke from mid
  68. CT spawn smoke from top mid
  69. Cross smoke from a long 
  70. Long doors smoke from cat baskets

Bottom Line

Finally, the Internet is brimming with the nicest and most popular sorts of grenades for assisting players and gamers. Before beginning the game, players must be familiar with all of the maps. So every gamer in Best grenade locations dust 2 has wished to try anything new.


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