3 Things To Consider for Your Wedding 

Getting married is an exciting time. There are so many things to think about and plan when it comes to the big day. It can be easy for things to be overlooked or forgotten through the planning process. With it being your special day, you want to be sure not to forget anything and that all goes well. Many people think they dont need or dont really consider three things: professional audio, a wedding planner, and a videographer. All of these things can genuinely contribute to your wedding day to make it all that you want it to be. 

Professional Audio

While planning a wedding many individuals forget about the audio needs of the wedding. You may be thinking, what could I need professional audio for? But for all of your guests to experience your wedding like you want them to, audio can make all the difference. At ANDX Entertainment they make sure that your entire audience is able to hear the ceremony, speeches, and toasts. There is nothing worse than going to a wedding and you can hear because you are in the back or it happens to be windy that day. If you choose to have a dance party to end your wedding day, they are able to ensure that the music is loud and clear for everyone to hear. Having clear audio on your wedding day can make everything feel complete. 

Wedding Planner

Most people think they dont need a wedding planner and they can save money by planning their own wedding. But there are many benefits to hiring a wedding planner. They are able to help with the big and little details of your special day. They can help you secure a venue, set up a budget, and plan out the day so all things run smoothly. A wedding planner is able to think about all the things and be able to run things behind the scenes on the day of your wedding. They are experts in their field and can help you plan for the number of guests you’ll have and help you fix anything that may go wrong.


Everyone ensures that they hire a photographer but an underrated component of that is hiring a videographer. Having a videographer allows them to capture the day as things are happening. Seeing emotions in real time can mean a lot when you watch back your videos. They are able to compile all of the footage into a movie of your day. This is a great way to remember the day with your wedding song playing. Pictures are great as well but videography can truly capture the day for you to watch back. 

Its a Day for You 


When it comes to your wedding day, you want it to be perfect. There are bound to be hiccups in the process but things that can help you are hiring professional audio, getting a wedding planner, and having a videographer at your wedding. All of these things can help your day go more smoothly when the time comes. A wedding day is a special day, and you deserve things to go well and have it the way you want it to be. 


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